H Hannah Shelbourne


May 9, 2022 · Frogs

Don't get me wrong, we love all the plushies we have at Disco Waffle, but we had no idea how popular the Fumofumo San frogs would be when we first began stocking them in 2020. 

Large and small green frogs

We have now expanded our range to include no less than six different types of Fumofumo San frogs (seven if you include the mini storage boxes). What is it about these green guys that makes them such a hit with Wafflers? They're certainly a quirky design and cute without being twee.

The large green and denim frogs are extra squishy!

The frog with a lily pad umbrella has the CUTEST little kawaii tadpole on the leaf!

There really is only one important question when it comes to Fumofumo San frogs... which is your favourite?

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