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Meet the faces behind Disco Waffle! Contact us at hello@discowaffle.com


We're Hannah and Barnabas, and we started Disco Waffle in 2020 to bring super cute kawaii plushies to the UK!  I've loved kawaii products, especially plushies, for years but always find it hard to find stock in the UK.  We think this should change. We know there are thousands of others like me in the UK who love cute, adorable plushies and are tired of paying expensive shipping and customs charges and waiting weeks for delivery. 

It's our mission to find the cutest cuddlies from around the world and offer them to you with excellent customer service. Why not join our mailing list for updates?

Any questions?  Email us hello@discowaffle.com.  You can also follow and contact us through social media @discowafflecute.  

Do you remember your childhood cuddly toys?

(Maybe you still have them?) And perhaps you're like me and head straight to the snugglies in any shop. After all, plushies are for everyone! We are also a SEND family and know the sensory power of these soft friends. If you have any questions about our products - texture, size or even facial expressions - please let us know and we'd be happy to help.

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