New Sumikko Gurashi
H Hannah Shelbourne

New Sumikko Gurashi

Jun 15, 2022

Have you seen the new Sumikko Gurashi mini plushies we have at Disco Waffle?  They are the 'tenori' size - super cute and perfect for collections.  Small enough to fit in your pocket, too, so you can take them anywhere!  The boss is never going to know that you're squishing a mini plush in that boring meeting!

We love this 'Mogura's House' set with all the characters in their little blinged-out outfits! Mogura is the name of the mole (seen here with an adorable little crown and plush robe). My favourite has to be the little chest though - I love its nonchalant little expression.  Plus the lid opens and you can put tiny special things inside... wouldn't it make the perfect ring box? You can also fit another mini plush inside... see our Instagram for ideas!

I also love this little shrimp cheerleader - just the concept behind this is adorable.  The designers of these plushies are really creative and they're always amazing quality.  The details on this one are so cute.  Look at the little pompoms and bow, and can you see the lemon slices on the ra-ra skirt?  Yes, it's a deep fried shrimp in a cheerleader costume, but we all know that when it comes to plushies, the only limit is your imagination!

We hope you enjoy browsing these adorable new additions to Disco Waffle.  When payday comes around, why not treat yourself or your bestie to your favourite?  Remember, plushies are for everyone!

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